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We had an engaging and interesting first session of our new Wellness Workshop at Jewels, Houghton Regis on Tuesday afternoon last week, where we found out what our group members think about emotional wellness.   

This group is a new initiative of Pathways & Perspectives Well-Being, replacing the De-stress Cafe, and is facilitated by two local professional counsellors, Mary and Rachel. 

People of varied ages and experiences attended which helped our informal discussions to feel engaging.  There were a lot of unique points of view and a real richness of experience represented in the group because people came from a very diverse mix of backgrounds. 

The people who attended commented on just how quickly the time seemed to pass during the session, a part of which we spent thinking about various aspects of nature and the feelings that were brought out by the natural world; an activity which proved to be very uplifting. 

If you would like to explore the topic yourself, please feel free to download the worksheet from the session.

I’m greatly looking forward to the next Wellness Workshop on Tuesday, 21st November, from 2.15 pm until 3.15 pm at Jewels, 6 Bedford Square, Houghton Regis (a couple of doors down from the butchers).   The focus of this session will be anxiety, with an emphasis on strategies to help reduce feelings of stress and worry.  Why not join us?   We are a friendly, welcoming bunch.  

Rachel Honeyford

I work by providing a safe, confidential space where people can bring their feelings and thoughts and work at their own pace. My aim is to be supportive and compassionate while helping people see aspects of their situation they haven't already considered. I aim to adapt my approach to every unique individual's particular wishes, needs and circumstances. For example, I offer the opportunity to work creatively and/or look at past experiences or how someone thinks and feels in 'the here and now'.

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