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It was good to have an opportunity to attend the Houghton Regis Carnival on Saturday 8th July, and talk to people about our events and future plans. 

Ron (seated), one of our trustees, talking with Les from Jewels.

People who visited our table showed a strong interest in attending our monthly Creative Card and Craft events, and I was able to offer a warm invitation to our friendly De-Stress Café support group; both groups are held at Jewels, Bedford Square, Houghton Regis.  For further details please see the events page

I also shared the important next step of offering affordable counselling to our local community.   We strongly hope we can offer counselling sessions on a donation basis in the Autumn.   Watch this space! 

Rachel Honeyford

I work by providing a safe, confidential space where people can bring their feelings and thoughts and work at their own pace. My aim is to be supportive and compassionate while helping people see aspects of their situation they haven't already considered. I aim to adapt my approach to every unique individual's particular wishes, needs and circumstances. For example, I offer the opportunity to work creatively and/or look at past experiences or how someone thinks and feels in 'the here and now'.

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