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We had a wonderful time ‘crafting’ on Saturday morning, 16th March, at Jewels, Bedford Square, Houghton Regis. 

Children and adults found it was really relaxing making cards that reminded people of Spring and decorating windchimes.   People particularly enjoyed using ribbons and buttons and made up their own imaginative designs – it was fun, supportive and relaxing – we got a lot of enjoyment looking at other people’s designs as well as making our own. 

 It was lovely to see people learning how to crochet, and their persistence paid off when they were learning to crochet a decorative ‘granny square’.   

We are taking a break in April, but why not join us, we are a friendly bunch,  for our May crafting session  on Saturday 18th from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm?

Rachel Honeyford

I work by providing a safe, confidential space where people can bring their feelings and thoughts and work at their own pace. My aim is to be supportive and compassionate while helping people see aspects of their situation they haven't already considered. I aim to adapt my approach to every unique individual's particular wishes, needs and circumstances. For example, I offer the opportunity to work creatively and/or look at past experiences or how someone thinks and feels in 'the here and now'.

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