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On Saturday morning a group of us met in Jewels, Bedford Square, Houghton Regis, where we had an entertaining, relaxing couple of hours doing various ‘crafty’ activities, including diamond art, crochet and card making.  There were a mixture of children, young people and adults at the session, and people were learning new skills as well as engaging in more familiar card making activities.   It was a fun session, and  people who attended were keen to continue doing diamond art, as they told us they found it satisfying, and even though to some it felt challenging at first it was nice to see their diamond art mini project taking shape. 

Anne-Marie was helping people learn to crochet, and Zac, aged 9 immediately chose to learn to crochet, was totally absorbed in producing his crochet square, and was keen to continue outside the session.  Two other young people also learned to crochet. 

 Why not join us next time? We are friendly, inclusive and mixed ability group, and we often laugh together during sessions.    Our next session is on Saturday, June 15th at 10.30am until 12.30pm – it’s completely free of charge.  

Rachel Honeyford

I work by providing a safe, confidential space where people can bring their feelings and thoughts and work at their own pace. My aim is to be supportive and compassionate while helping people see aspects of their situation they haven't already considered. I aim to adapt my approach to every unique individual's particular wishes, needs and circumstances. For example, I offer the opportunity to work creatively and/or look at past experiences or how someone thinks and feels in 'the here and now'.

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