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We had a pleasant time together at our ‘Tuesday 3 o’clock Wellness Workshop’ run by Pathways & Perspectives.   A small group of us chatted informally and discussed smells, sharing with each other the ones we liked.   People like a variety including vanilla, coffee, bread and citrus fragrances.  One of my favourites is Jasmine, but we know this is a very individual phenomenon, and varies a great deal between people.  Another member of the group said she really likes Lavender.   

We experimented by mixing essential fragrance oils, and tried to ‘guess the smell’ which was fun!   The group members went on to make their own unique blend of fragrance oils that appealed to them personally, and took two or three of their creations home with them after the session. 

We agreed that Rose was a very pleasant, soothing fragrance, and we also liked it blended with Amber.   A group member suggested that we add Patchouli into the fragrances when we do this in future. 

Here is a link to the guide to the aromatherapy activities we did on 21st May, 2024, and there are also reasons why certain fragrances boost our mood.   

Why not join us for our next Wellness Workshop, which will be on Tuesday, 18th June, 3pm until 4pm, Jewels, Bedford Square, Houghton Regis?

Rachel Honeyford

I work by providing a safe, confidential space where people can bring their feelings and thoughts and work at their own pace. My aim is to be supportive and compassionate while helping people see aspects of their situation they haven't already considered. I aim to adapt my approach to every unique individual's particular wishes, needs and circumstances. For example, I offer the opportunity to work creatively and/or look at past experiences or how someone thinks and feels in 'the here and now'.

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